Why should I wear a mouthguard?

Fairly simple question with a fairly simple answer.

Dental trauma is very expensive (and painful) business and the following will highlight the importance of a Custom Fit Mouthguard. The Department of Health and Human Services has said that there are commonly more than 2000 visits to Victorian Hospital Emergency Departments as a result of dental injuries, of which sport and leisure activities are the most common cause (Better Health Channel), all of which can be avoided by using a Custom Fit Mouthguard.  These are not just likely to occur when playing contact sport, but any sport where contact (even accidental) may occur. Even more surprising is that many reported dental injuries can occur whilst cycling, skateboarding or using a scooter.

As a result ‘the Australian Dental Association strongly recommends the use of a mouthguard in any sport or activity where collision or contact is likely, and during both games and training (Play it Safe, ADA Website).’ The Australian Dental Association, or more commonly referred to as the ADA, are the peak body for dental care and related industry in Australia, so their recommendations are not to be taken lightly.

As a result, custom fit mouthguards serve as the last (and most robust) line  of defence against dental injury and trauma. Did you see Buddy Franklin years ago hunting for his teeth in the grass on live TV? Certainly wasn’t a pretty sight, was absolutely avoidable and the resulting surgery to reinsert his lost teeth was an extremely expensive exercise.

Finally – why should you wear a custom fit mouthguard over a boil & bite? A custom fit mouthguard is an investment in your smile – they won’t fall out when you speak, they cover a greater area of your mouth and sit more comfortably in your mouth, allow you to breath and speak easily during wear and can be made in a variety of thicknesses appropriate for your activities.

Don’t risk your smile. Get a custom fit mouthguard.




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