The team at Mouthguards to You is pleased to hear of the resumption of sporting competitions and we would like to remind people we that we are open for business. Slowly we have seen sporting clubs re open their doors, and we are once again here to support them as they do. We have already taken bookings for some junior sporting clubs for their resumption of their season and we have been hard at work making custom fit mouthguards for some budding young boxers on the Mornington Peninsula.

We take the health and wellbeing  of not only our team but also that of our clients very seriously, so we are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure we deliver our consistent product once again, but with additional peace of mind knowing we have done so safely. We request that if you have any cold or flu symptoms, or an elevated temperature above 37.5C that you notify us and we will adjust your booking accordingly. Our timetables are flexible and our service is mobile, so taking the extra time to make sure you are feeling well is important to us and the rest of our clients.

At Mouthguards To You, we are mindful of the current economic climate and we want to work with clubs and customers to deliver our custom fit mouthguards – so if you are feeling the pinch but don’t want yourself or your child to not have the appropriate level of protection a custom fit mouthguard can provide, please let us know and we will endeavour to deal with each situation with empathy to deliver a solution for you.

Finally, it’s great for our health and wellbeing to be back out exercising and playing sport, if you need a custom fit mouthguard please let us know!

See you all soon,

Jo and the team 🙂




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