2020 is nearly upon us! Eeeek! Christmas presents, holidays and catch ups are important, but so is prioritizing your dental health for the upcoming sport seasons.

If you find yourself with a spare 5 minutes (not so easy this time of year!), you should sit down and check the fit of yours or your child’s mouthguard. Does it rub? Does it fall out? Does it still fit the unique contours of your teeth like a custom fit mouthguard should?

Further to that, if you are affiliated with a club, sit on a committee, or coach a side then you need to make the enquiry to us ASAP about helping you and your team out with a custom fit mouthguard.

We have already booked in numerous sporting clubs for the upcoming winter 2020 season. We will be set up and fitting up people of all ages at registration and family days, making sure players of all sports are ready to play with their teeth covered!

You can rest assured knowing that we can do individual fittings at your home, or comfortably cater for your small or large sporting club at a convenient time for you and your members. We can provide custom fit mouthguards in both a variety of support levels (based on your sporting need) and colours (who you play for, who you barrack for, or your favourite colour!) at a time that suits you and not your dentist!

Contact us today and book in your fitting session, and don’t forget to ask about our Club Cashback offer! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

We’ve got your teeth covered!

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